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Washington Travel Guide
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Village lights in Leavenworth, Washington

Village lights in Leavenworth, Washington
Seattle is one of the nicest cities to spend some time. Its location is really great and it is an excellent base for exploring the state. If you're into coffee, this is the place. Many a funky little coffee shop, including The Hurricane, on Seventh downtown. Highly recommended.
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Just across the Sound (Puget Sound, to be specific) from Seattle, a relatively short ferry ride away, you get the Kitsap Penninsula. It's right by the city, but it's rural enough to have character (read: cows). The entire area is full of great trees and enough incredible hidden beaches to keep you busy for weeks.

NE Washington.. Kettle Falls and Colville area has many things to offer to someone who enjoys the great outdoors, Hunting, Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Boating, and so much more to list. Franklin Roosevelt Lake, Part of the Columbia river Is the largest of the lakes.
As an addendum to the above information, The Hurricane, while certainly appealing in a way, is a restaurant/diner...not a coffee shop. For coffee try Bauhaus (E. Pine St.), Cafe Vita (many locations), or even the original Starbucks, located in the historic and charming, but touristy, Pike Place Market.

The Underground Tour, located in Pioneer Square, is a rich and engaging introduction to the city's bizarre and haphazard history. Walk through the buried ruins of a burlesque theatre-cum-bordello, visit one of Seattle's first toilettes (invented by a man named Crapper), and learn how one of the town's earliest dirtybirds, Henry Yessler, schemed and scammed his way to notoriety. The surroundings are dark and dank, and evoke a very antiquated mood and thought process.
Just a short distance from the Underground Tour you will find the famous Elliott Bay Bookstore. Filled with 'many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore', you will find it quite effortless to pass time in this labryinth of information. This is a good stop for the bibliophile in your party.

Seattle is a rich and wonderful town; a city but not a New York style metropolis. It is truly the gem of the Pacific Northwest and warrants at least a pass-through by anyone traveling to the area.

Not to be missed: Majestic views of Mt. Rainier, the Olympic Mountains, and the extensive waterways and inlets of Puget Sound.
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Cathedral of Maples at Grave Creek

Cathedral of Maples at Grave Creek

Don Camp

The Olympic Peninsula of Washington State is a gem yet to be discovered by most travelers. It includes the rugged Pacific coast and the furthest west point in the lower United States, the sylvan shores of Hood Canal, and mountainous Olympic National Park.

Among my favorite places is the Quinault Rain Forest on the southwest side of the Olympics. Lake Quinault, a tiny resort community on the south side of the lake, is the starting point to explore the rain forst. From there you can select short walking trails that will lead you into the rain forest where old growth fir and cedar grow to enormous size and waterfalls plunge down dark mossy canyons or a 30 mile loop road that will take you up the Quinault River and into Olympic National Park then back to Lake Quinault along the north side of the lake.

Before you head into the woods, however, visit the historic Lake Quinault Lodge where President Franklin Roosevelt visited on his tour of the Olympic Peninsula in the nineteen thirties. Following his trip he proposed the creation of Olympic National Park and preserved for all of us this emerald wilderness. Enjoy a coffee or lunch in the Roosevelt Room and the wonderful view across the lake.

When you are ready to get into the forest, check out the books in the gift shop and in the quaint Quinault Mercantile across the street or at the Olympic National Forest Ranger Station just east of the lodge for guide books and brochures for the local trails and sites of interest. The Quinault River drainage is called the Valley of the Giants, and you'll want to visit the world's largest Spruce and Cedar that make their home in the Quinault forest. The maps and information you'll find will make your visit much more enjoyable.

Then hike the trails. Some are just a mile or so long. Others require several hours to negotiate. Experience the natural cathedral of the old grow trees. Or take the Quinault loop road into the park. Watch for elk and deer along the way. Or stop at the bridge over the Quinault River where one morning I watched an otter diving for fish. Your visit will invigorate your soul and refresh your spirit.

If you are of a mind to try the fishing, fishing on Lake Quinault reguires a tribal fishing license which can be obtained at the Quinault Mercantile. Fishing in Olympic National Park requires no license, but please observe the regulations which you can obtain at the ranger station. The upper river throughout the summer provides good fishing for small to medium size rainbow and ocassionally a surprise bull trout of substantial size. A word of caution: do not target the bull trout. They are protected as an endangered species. If you catch one, release it quickly and unharmed.

One last word of advice:Come prepared for rain. It is a rain forest, you know. Summers are often dry, but the valley receives as much as 140 inches of rain a year, and it can come at any time.

_______Getting Around
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The bus system in Seattle is particularly good. Unfortunately, the buses that run to other cities are limited to commuter busses- they don’t run as often or to as wide of a variety of places as those in the city of Seattle. The Metro (the name of our bus system) website has detailed information on all bus schedules and even has a trip planner available: http://transit.metrokc.gov/

________Getting There
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It's the US - it's easy to get here. SeaTac (SEA) is our main airport with international connections to virtually everywhere. You'll need a car while you're in town and you should be warned that traffic is nearly as bad as it gets in the US. But the drivers are about as polite as they come and it's pretty easy finding your way around.

You can get to Seattle by Amtrak trains which drop you off in the International District where you can catch any number of buses in the bus tunnel.

Washington also has a great ferry system. You can catch ferries to Canada (Victoria on Vancouver Island) or all the way to Alaska.
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A field of red and orange

A field of red and orange

L. Strohm
Everyone thinks only the Dutch have tulip fields. A quick daytrip north from Seattle, Washington during late March and early April will reward you with many a photo oportunity. The fields are full of vibrant reds, purples, yellows, and many more stunning colors. The fields are located in the Skagit Valley around Mount Vernon, La Conner, and other small communities. The farms often have food, specials displays, cut flowers, and bulbs (for those do-it-yourselfers).

The trip is worth it for the photos.

For more information check out http://www.tulipfestival.org/

April 10, 2004 new by kivarthegreat

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22nd Annual Joyce Daze Blackberry Festival
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JOYCE — Visitors can enjoy a slice of blackberry pie with their good time at the Joyce Daze celebration on Saturday, Aug. 7.

The 22nd annual event kicks off at 7 a.m. with a pancake breakfast and lasts until 3:30 p.m., when raffle winners take home prizes.

Highlights of the festival include homemade pies with the much-heralded local blackberries, a parade, children’s activities, a juried arts and crafts show, salmon bake, vendor’s booths, demonstrations and live entertainment.

The festival’s main more..
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email: photopro@tenforward.com
address: Joyce, Washington
date: August 7, 2004
tel: 360-928-3331
Leavenworth Washington Village of Lights
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Village lights in Leavenworth, Washington
Village lights in Leavenworth, Washington

The Bavarian Village of Leavenworth, Washington is decked out with thousands of twinkling lights throughout the holidays. Each weekend in December features a festival celebrating the Christmas season. See why Fodor's Travel Guide rated Leavenworth among the top 10 undiscovered winter destinations worldwide!
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zipcode: 98826
email: info@icicleinn.com
address: 505 Highway 2
date: 01/17/2005
url: www.icicleinn.com
tel: 509-548-7000

_________Things to do
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There are many things to do in Washington.

July 25, 2007 new by rfujitani

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Menu Bar Internet Cafe
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NOT Washington, DC. This is in Washington State.
type: Internet Cafe
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price: Like the menu bar on your computer, the Menu Bar Cafe &
tel: (360)378-8488
email: Monday through Friday 9 to 6 PM Saturday 10 to 5 PM
hours: $6 per hour $4 half hour $2 min
address: menubar@interisland.net
url: www.interisland.net
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Washington (stato)

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(stemma) (bandiera)
The Evergreen State
Nome originale: Washington
Capitale: Olympia (42.514 ab./ 2000)
Città più popolosa: Seattle (569.101 ab./ 2003)
Superficie: 184.824 km²
Posizione (USA): 18°
Sup. terra: 172.587 km²
Sup. acqua e (%): 12.237 km² - 6,6 %
Totale: 6.203.788 ab. (2004) (fonte: U.S. Census Bureau)
Posizione (USA): 15°
Densità: 35,95 ab./km²
Latitudine: da 45°32'N a 49°N
Longitudine: da 116°57'O a 124°48'O
Altitudine max: 4.392 m s.l.m.
Altitudine min: 0 m s.l.m.
Altitudine media: 520 m s.l.m.
Fuso orario: Pacific: UTC-8/-7
Ingresso nell'Unione
Data: 11 novembre 1889
Ordine: 42°
Governatore: Christine Gregoire (D)
Grandi elettori:  ?
Pena di morte: impiccagione o iniezione letale
ISO 3166-2: US-WA
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Washington è uno stato del nord-ovest degli USA. Non deve essere confuso con Washington, la capitale federale, per questo viene spesso chiamato Washington state. Anche se la capitale è Olympia, la più grande città dello stato è Seattle. Secondo il censimento del 2000, la popolazione dello stato è approssimativamente di 5,9 milioni, con una forza lavoro che ammonta a circa 3,1 milioni.

Washington è l'unico stato il cui nome è dedicato ad un presidente: George Washington.




[modifica] Geografia

Mappa fisica dello stato di Washington

Lo stato di Washington è posto all'estremo nord-occidentale degli Stati Uniti continentali. Bagnato dall'Oceano Pacifico ad ovest, confina con l'Oregon a sud, ad est con lo stato dell'Idaho, a nord, lungo il 49° parallelo, con il Canada, in particolare con la provincia della Columbia Britannica.

Washington fa parte di una regione nota come il "Nord-Ovest Pacifico" (Pacific Northwest), un termine con il quale si usa includere anche parte della Columbia Britannica e parte dell'Alaska. Altre volte lo stesso termine sta ad indicare semplicemente tutti i territori facenti parte degli Stati Uniti nord-occidentali.

Le alte montagne della Cascade Range corrono da nord a sud dividendo a metà lo stato. Il Washington occidentale, ad ovest della catena delle Cascade, ha un clima più influenzato dall'oceano e quindi beneficia dei suoi effetti mitigatori con temperature relativamente dolci, inverni piovosi ed estati secche. Nel Washington occidentale ci sono rigogliose foreste di conifere e aree con la cosiddetta "foresta pluviale temperata". Al contrario, nel Washington orientale, ad est della catena delle Cascade, c'è un clima relativamente secco con zone semiaride classificabili come steppa e poche zone assolutamente aride assimilabili a deserti. All'estremo orientale, il clima diventa meno arido. La regione di Palouse, nel sud-est dello stato, era una verde prateria che per la maggior parte è stata convertita in terreno agricolo coltivato. Il resto della parte più orientale di Washington è coperto da foreste e da un paesaggio montagnoso.

Il Monte Rainier visto da Seattle

Nella Cascade Range sono presenti numerosi vulcani, che raggiungono altitudini notevoli, superiori a quelle delle altre montagne. Andando da nord a sud questi vulcani sono: Monte Baker, Glacier Peak, Monte Rainier, Monte Sant'Elena e Monte Adams. Il Monte Rainier, ad un centinaio di chilometri a sud-est di Seattle, è la cima più alta dello stato con i suoi 4.392 m ed è la montagna con più ghiacciai di tutti gli Stati Uniti.

La posizione dello stato di Washington sull'Oceano Pacifico e i porti del Puget Sound danno a questo stato un ruolo preminente nel commercio marittimo con l'Alaska, il Canada, e su tutti i Paesi che si affacciano sul Pacifico.


[modifica] Territori federali, protetti e riserve

I Parchi Nazionali sono tre: "Mount Rainier National Park", "North Cascades National Park", ed "Olympic National Park" e numerosissime sono le "Foreste Nazionali".

Le gole del fiume Columbia

Altre aree protette di grande interesse sono: l'area di interesse paesaggistico nazionale del "Columbia River Gorge" (Gole del fiume Columbia), la riserva naturale nazionale del Lago Chelan, il monumento vulcanico nazionale del Monte Sant'Elena e la riserva naturale nazionale del Lago Ross.

Ci sono molte aree dichiarate protette per la salvaguardia dell'ambiente selvaggio (wilderness), e tra queste quella dei Laghi Alpini, del Glacier Peak, di Goat Rocks, di Henry M. Jackson, del Norse Peak, del Monte Baker, di Pasayten ed Olympic.

Ci sono anche molte ampie aree di pertinenza militare, come Fort Lewis, la base aerea di McChord, la base navale di Kitsap, Hanford e il centro di addestramento di Yakima.

Numerose anche le riserve indiane. Tra le tribù presenti nello stato di Washington ci sono gli Spokane e i Quinault.

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